AFCAT Fireblock

AFCAT Fireblock Foam is a one component, fireblock/draftstop for wood-frame constructions. AFCAT Fireblock Foam is easy to use and has a high yield compared to mineral wool, fiberglass and caulks. This specialty product does the job of 30 tubes of traditional caulk, easily and effectively.

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  • Excellent for gaps around pipes & wires and to seal electrical runs through wall studs
  • Bonds to drywall, concrete, wood, stone, foam and other porous materials
  • Impedes the spread fire and smoke through service penetrations
  • Type V residential fireblock per ICC-ES report ESR
  • Efficient seal against water, smoke and toxic gases
  • Low pressure and low expansion
  • Bonds and seals to common construction materials
  • Airtight seal for thermal and acoustical insulation
  • Water resistant when cured
Item No Product Size Unit Type Case Quantity Pallet Quantity
560249 AFCAT Fireblock Foam 24 fl oz Can 12 1080

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