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Dynamo 500L No Mix High Yield Open Cell - B-Side

The insulations are two-component spray-applied polyurethane foam plastic, produced in the field by combining a polymeric isocyanate (A component) with a resin (B component). The insulation liquid components are supplied in 55-gallon drums and must be stored at temperatures between 50°F and 90°F. The A and B components have a shelf life of six months when stored in factory-sealed containers at these temperatures. With Dynamo 500L, experience consistent results with minimal waste, backed by the assurance of reliability and quality for every application.

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Introducing the Dynamo 500L No Mix High Yield Open Cell – B-Side, a state-of-the-art insulation solution tailored for seamless application in B-side scenarios. Engineered to eliminate the need for mixing, this innovative formula streamlines your insulation process, ensuring maximum efficiency and time savings. Crafted with advanced open-cell technology, Dynamo 500L delivers exceptional thermal performance, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort in residential and commercial spaces.

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Drum – 1, Pallet – 4


Dynamo ESR CCRR0491 2024

Dynamo PSI 500 Application Guidelines

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