Window Butyl Flashing Tape

Window Butyl Flashing Tape is the first low-cost butyl window and door flashing tape designed to bring you all the benefits of a non-asphalt tape, while not affecting the price. Contains zero asphalt and therefore will not have any of the inherent issues that asphalt and butyl/asphalt blend tapes have.

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• Economically and Ecologically Responsible. Good for your wallet and the environment.
• Will adhere at lower temperatures than asphalt and asphalt blend tapes.
• Maintains adhesion and thermal stability up to 300°F.
• Unlike asphalt contaminated tapes, Window Buy Flashing Tape is compatible with construction sealants and won’t run, bleed or stain.
• Compatible with vinyl windows. No long-term adhesion issues with plastics. Contains no VOCs.
• Meets all AAMA 711 performance standards.
• Split release liner allows for easy-installation.
• Strong flexible backing allows for tear resistance while being able to form to fasteners and corners.
• Self-seals around nails and fastener penetrations, both before and after thermal cycling.

Product Item No. Size Unit Type Case Quantity
Window Butyl Flashing Tape TBW-4X75 4″ x 75′ Roll 16
Window Butyl Flashing Tape TBW-6X75 6″ x 75′ Roll 8